Dead Heart Bloom – “Broken Babylon”

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Dead Heart Bloom’s thunderous space-rock jam “Broken Babylon” has the production fingerprints of Mercury Rev’s Anthony Molina all over it. Similar to Mercury Rev, Dead Heart Bloom are capable of unleashing a tour-de-force of psych-heavy guitars and spacey propulsion — all within a very crisp and clear mode of production. With recording split between NYC and Kingston, NY, the trio recorded their So It Goes EP with Molina at their side. The release’s opening track, “Broken Babylon”, does well in establishing the trio’s gripping and powerful sound.

The initial feedback on “Broken Babylon” quickly launches into a tease of clamoring percussion, heavy guitars, and sonorous backing keys. The classic-rock arsenal assumes a more psych-rock taste when Boris Skalsky’s dazed-out, reverbed vocals come into the fold. His nonchalance mixes with the guitars’ retrospective twang, a sound that helps launch into an eruptive chorus reminiscent of the huge build-ups of groups like Mercury Rev, Spiritualized, and Spacemen 3. Dead Heart Bloom have a fantastic vision that borrows from influences like these, but with some passionately original songwriting that engrosses as well, delivered in clear form with the production aid of Anthony Molina.

Download the So It Goes EP for free on Dead Heart Bloom’s Bandcamp, or stream it in full below:


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