Gasmilk – “Slow”

Gasmilk music

Oakland dance-pop producer Brian Lee White goes under the alias Gasmilk, where he produces excitable pop music with a synth-heavy dance sound. White has spent his career in various musical professions – from composing and engineering – and his current output appears to be a culmination of that experience. His new single “Slow” has the production chops of a veteran, with a minimalist light synth intro quickly evolving into a flourishing lead with a buzzing synth-bass and clamoring percussion. A synth pad break right before the one-minute mark leads into another interpretation of the bridge, which carries into a funkily infectious chorus reminiscent of both Ford & Lopatin’s ’80s-inspired synth-pop and Miami Horror’s party-synth sound.

The final one-third of “Slow” will probably be chopped into a very club-friendly dance remix at some point. It’s an indication of White’s ability to evolve an electronic track from fairly humble beginnings into an enormous, dance-friendly sound with plenty of polish and excitement. The Oakland, California native sure has his sound down pat with “Slow”. White’s debut EP is set to be released later this year.

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