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Australian producer Kosta Andreadis (Kbit)¬†specializes in a highly atmospheric hybrid of downtempo and house electronica, exemplified well within the swelling beauty of standout track “Anytime But Then”, off his new album Un Boombox Symphonique.¬†Andreadis’ decision to play under the Kbit moniker represents a shift in his approach, which he says is more personal than ever with this release. Many of the release’s tracks present soaring development within soaring soundscapes of awe-inspiring beauty, which the producer intended to recapture the magic of discovering music’s power for the first time.

Kbit also uses applies historical samples to elevate the mood of certain tracks, like the incorporation of a 1950s US press conference into opening track “These Seven”. It’s an apt choice that the press conference is the announcement of the space program, since Kbit’s tracks appear continuously spaced-out, in the best way possible. “Anytime But Then” would be a great accompaniment to space travel,¬†with the wave-y synth pads, hypnotic percussion, and reflectively tinny leads – reminiscent of The Field’s production work – evoking the nearing presence of colorful galaxies and thought-provoking constellations.

Stream the entirety of the atmosphere-filled release below Un Boombox Symphonique, or buy it for $7 on Bandcamp:

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