No Kill – “Big Muff Scream”

No Kill - Brooklyn

“Big Muff Scream” is a slice of fuzzy goodness from Brooklyn rockers No Kill. The opening track on their new EP New Dirt, “Big Muff Scream” excels in switching off lead vocal duties between the sweetly melodic Jamie Cogar and nasally nonchalant Andrew Trouwborst. If anything, the track proves that their self-description is indeed correct: “loud, lo-fi energy, girl-guy harmonies, reverb-soaked guitars and noisy guitar-pop influences.” I’m also fond of the squiggly guitar lines that play off the subtle shifts of the murmuring rhythm guitar. The rhythm guitar is the primary lead when the vocalists are in play, but the extra guitar perks during the vocal-less sections keep the excitement going.

Stream the entirety of New Dirt below:

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