Lakefield – “Good Guy”

Lakefield - Swan Songs

Lakefield are a pleasantly melodic indie-pop group out of Vancouver, with a sound that resembles Stars’ tendency to interweave gorgeous female vocals with developmental guitar-based build-ups. Stars tend to add some fascinating electronic production effects for good measure, but Lakefield stray on the more organic side, hearkening to Death Cab for Cutie – with build-ups largely contingent on either guitars or keys – in that regard. On lead single “Good Guy”,  a highlight off the band’s new EP Swan Songs, both of these comparisons is particularly evident as vocalist Kate Rossiter repeats “You could have been mine,” over warbly rhythmic distortion and a slightly shrill lead. Similarly to Stars’ work, the male-female vocal switch-off component works well here. It provides for a hypnotic and infectious result that shows why Lakefield have what it takes to potentially become radio darlings.

Even if radio play does occur, Lakefield seem likely to call it quits after the EP’s release — hence the name Swan Songs. After five years and over 25 performances together, the group is truly producing their swan song. The EP is out on February 14th, but you can pre-order it now via Lakefield’s web site. You can also watch the music video for “Good Guy” below:

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