Latimer House – “Shake!”

Latimer House

Most of the vocal additions on Latimer House’s debut single “Shake!” are mumbled or otherwise incoherent, apart from the steadfast exclamation of “shake!” acting as a rhythmic element of sorts. Much like The Pixies, this group doesn’t require vocal coherence for sensational rock hooks. A playful bass line and sporadic organ bursts help establish a loose setting in the track’s beginning, and the introduction of the “shake!” element over an increased jangle of guitars shows the track’s multiple facets. Nonchalant, atmosphere-heavy verses give the vibe of a fun party at its beginning phase, when somewhat hesitant guests are greeted at the door. The chorus, meanwhile, loosens the vibe up with rollicking guitar riffs, and that aforementioned “shake!” resonating like a battle cry.

The idiosyncrasies of Prague-based Latimer House are enjoyably displayed throughout their debut full-length, All the Rage. Their guitar-driven rock and pop goes all over the place, from the string-fueled sentimental folk of “Burn” and the southern-rock-tinged “Open Your Heart” to the X Factor-loathing closer “Bubblegum”. Stylistically, Latimer House stretch everywhere from Field Music’s guitar-driven chamber-pop to Art Brut’s spoken-word oomph. If one thing’s for certain, it’s that All the Rage is a colorfully unpredictable and overall bold debut from one of Prague’s most talked-about indie acts.

Stream Latimer House’s All the Rage in its entirety below, or purchase it on Bandcamp:

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