Richard Tyler Epperson – “Like Always”

Richard Tyler Epperson

Richard Tyler Epperson presents an eclectic alternative-pop sound that ranges from the acoustical flutters of a sentimental John Mayer track (“Hourglass”, “Rain“) to ambitious psych-folk efforts in the vein of Kurt Vile (“Like Always”). In addition to Epperson’s eclectic stylistic reach, his new album Hourglass is inspired by deep yet universally discernible thoughts. “Listening back to the songs, I started to realize a lot of them had lines or hidden messages about how fast time goes by and about trying to find happiness in the short time we have,” Epperson explains. “Those thoughts inspired the song Hourglass and the name seemed to be fitting for me at this point in my life. Time goes by so fast and we all get caught up in daily life stresses that take us away from our dreams and the things we care about.”

Clear standout track “Like Always” shows Epperson’s thematic focus well, especially as he comments on the tumultuous aspects of looming deadlines and valuable time. “My life can never seem to stay in sync,” he sings over an array of elegant piano keys, crackling acoustic strums, and – toward the conclusion – a distorted guitar solo. “Like always, I’m too afraid to blink.” The sincerity of his lyrics provides for some engrossing stories throughout Hourglass. What’s also impressive is how Epperson utilizes his multi-instrumental talents throughout the track, handling vocal, guitar, bass, piano, and keyboard duties in addition to Phil Robertson’s drumming. Overall, “Like Always” is a solid effort that shows Epperson’s strengths over a nicely produced palate of alternative-rock schematics with bursts of electronic incorporation.

You can stream the entirety of this talented multi-instrumentalist’s new album, Hourglass, below:

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