Victory Kicks – “Junior Code Course”

Victory Kicks - London

“Junior Code Course” is an absolute blast of a track that reminds of power-pop’s great heyday. Y’know, back when groups like Teenage Fanclub, Big Star, and The Pastels used to churn out concisely infectious power-pop gold in seemingly effortless form. In that sense, Victory Kicks are one of the best contemporary groups I’ve heard capable of replicating the feel of power-pop’s golden era. Replication may not be the right word, though, considering that “Junior Code Course” – and the entirety of the London-based group’s new album The Decibel Age – is packed with originality and contagious, youthful passion. Using flourishes of power-pop’s past, they have crafted a very enticing release in The Decibel Age, which is available for streaming and purchase on Bandcamp.

The vocals on “Junior Code Course” remind somewhat of Auteurs great Luke Haines, somewhat understated in its delivery but able to unleash reflective melodic precision when need be. The track’s first 30 seconds presents a straightforward yet amiable acoustic-led chugger, but the additional incorporation of twangy guitars just after the 30-second mark helps bring forth the track’s greatest hooks, which is also sported by some existentialist words: “But don’t get offended when we take your sorry side / We’ll turn it in something that you don’t like / Along with your memories, spirits die / So all in all, there is nothing.” Essentially, the track’s overall vibe, flurry of hooks, and lyrical sentiments seem to enforce this much: stay loose, and enjoy life while it’s still here.

Stream the entirety of The Decibel Age below:

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