Vizier – “All the Things You Said”

Vizier - All the Things You Said

You may remember Vizier from his exceptional nocturnal effort “Tonight“, which showcased his production chops and grasp of various electronic hybrids, from Knife-like icy electro-pop to sample-infused soundscape creations reminiscent of Air and Avalanches.

On Vizier’s new track “All the Things You Said”, a gentle synth arpeggio leads over a tranquilly layered vocal pad, which would sound ideal as the background music in a monastery that overlooks a green forest. When the swift kick drums enter the picture, the leading synth assumes a looser repeating melody as an additional “yeah”-ing vocal sample provides a rhythmic accompaniment. The final of three acts in “All the Things You Said” is a culmination of the first two, with the monk-like humming overlapping with the flickering synth arpeggio and occasional high-pitched vocal sample. The track’s structure is straightforward – two separate acts, with the third combining the first two – but Vizier executes it so well, with a memory that lasts in one’s mind, that it continues his trend of producing exceptionally hypnotic electronic music.

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