Colours – “You Can’t See Me”


Colours - shoegaze

Colours is the shoegaze-y project of Tom Crandles, who has molded his own form of industrial shoegaze into a resounding success with “You Can’t See Me”. Big distorted drums, a feedback-friendly guitar tone, and prickly bass comprise the energetic introduction. A spacey synth arpeggio paves the way for Crandles’ nonchalant, psych-friendly vocals, which delivers a tone very similar to Neon Indian’s Alan Palomo. And much like that project, there is beauty and accessible hooks underneath all Colours’ gauzy goodness. Crandles’s vocals pop up sporadically throughout “You Can’t See Me”, seamlessly navigating an industrial yet friendly assortment of spacey guitar solos and extended distortion. Shoegaze touching stones like My Bloody Valentine and Spiritualized are present, but so are recent chillwave/rock mergers like Neon Indian and Washed Out. What results is a hypnotic and very promising sound courtesy of the Australian-born and London-based Crandles.


Mike Mineo

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