Drunksouls – “Human Race”


French reggae-rock group Drunksouls have soared in popularity over the past few months with their video for “Human Race”, a quick-moving yet suavely reggae-infused effort that features swanky brass, chirpy vocals, and wavy Scooby Doo organs. The track has received millions of plays for a reason, and that reason primarily deals with a style that represents a style of fresh air. There are too many “reggae” groups that are content with Bob Marley rip-offs, and not enough daring enough to breathe stylistic life into the genre via infusion. The brass use and chord progressions resemble an exotic, desert-style composition that Jafar’s snakes would love slithering along to, whereas the guitar licks and delectable vocal delivery is in the more accessible vein of reggae-pop.

“I’ve got to find my place in this human race,” is the central line and theme repeated throughout the track, with references to vices and temptations representing distractions that get in the way of something truly great. It’s a universally understood message that works well as the backdrop to this infectious stylistic fusion. Drunksouls have drawn comparisons to an eclectic range of artists, from Manu Chao and Gorillaz to Damian Marley and Red Hot Chili Peppers, but there really isn’t any other group coming to mind that sounds precisely like Drunksouls. “Human Race” is just one highlight off the group’s new full-length, Just Before Chaos, which you can stream in full below:

Also, here’s the very popular video for “Human Race”:

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