Gemini Wired – “What Now”


Emerging R&B artist Gemini Wired has a strong message throughout her new single “What Now”, an anti-bullying track that would serve as a nice theme for a similar campaign. “Nobody deserves to be made fun of, picked on, or beat up because of who they are,” the aspiring artist says. “I know exactly how much more it can hurt mentally than it can physically at times.” Her approach throughout the track is tough and defiant, which contrasts nicely with smooth and luscious R&B production. The catchy track from the Boston native conjures comparisons to The-Dream’s stylish synth-R&B production and Ke$ha’s self-assured yet tonally consistent lyrical content, but it’s the track’s central flow that is perhaps most striking.

While Gemini Wired’s sound and vocal delivery will assuredly become more aligned with the synth/percussion-led production in the future, “What Now” is still a strong showing that manages to pack . “My music ain’t about the money, I’d take it all and give it away,” she sings, before declaring that “What Now” is a free track for “anyone’s who’s been hated on.” We’ve all been hated on at some point, so why not give it a shot? I’m looking forward to hearing more from Gemini Wired, who has the potential to be a R&B artist enjoyed by the indie circuit as well, like Katy B.

Check out the track’s video below:

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