Man Vs. Indian Man – “Ice Accountant”

Man Vs Indian Man

Details surrounding sample-laden electronic project Man Vs. Indian Man are scarce, but their unique soundscapes and serenely developmental pacing makes their debut release one to remember. The project’s aim is all over the place, but in a good way; the mellow bass-tinged and sparse synth accompaniment in “Of Nothing” remind heavily of James Blake’s sparsely beautiful atmospheres, while “Never Knowing” is an effervescent chillwave ode that straddles between spacey ambition and aquatic submergence.

This Michigan-based project impress consistently throughout their debut album, available to stream below, but perhaps most impressive of the six tracks is “Ice Accountant”. Its first minute is a creaky assortment of samples and sleepy synths, with gentle keys glistening over narration of newborn care.¬†Evan Haywood’s lush vocals transition from a minor element to a substantial factor around 01:18, when “Ice Accountant” enters into a stunning expansion in sound. Here, the initial lull of the track perks up to an alluring hook with drums and guitar. It’s a hell of a track; I just wish it was longer.

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