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With an exciting electro-rock and EDM hybrid that’s ripe for the party scene, LA-based group Ready Never are rapidly making a name for themselves. Their rising single “Take That Pill” is a glorious mish-mashing of electro-rock infectiousness and dubstep breakdowns. Yeah, they are fully capable of dropping the beat too, as you can hear right past the two-minute mark. Punchy basic synths and a single whistled melody kick off the track, a deceivingly minimalist intro that serves as the calm before the infectious storm. When the pounding percussion and ’80s-inspired guitar lines enter the fold, it’s clear that “Take That Pill” is building toward something exciting.

As the track’s title clearly refers to certain activities within the EDM-friendly party scene, it’s easy to see why – in addition to their exciting tunes – Ready Never are gathering a fan following very quickly. They have a very focused style that caters to a very clear demographic: younger, EDM-crazed fans that gravitate toward dancing. Ready Never’s debut album, Eleutherophobia, looks to make waves with tracks like “Take That Pill”. The band will be supporting the album release with a tour in Japan this summer, where they continue their acclaimed showmanship by incorporating live drums and bass guitar with DJ equipment. “We wanted to write songs and make electronic dance music. But we wanted to be able to perform the music, not just play it back; which is what makes our live sound quite different from our studio sound.”

Fans of Swedish House Mafia and Daft Punk are bound to enjoy the dazzling mix of electro-rock and EDM throughout Eleutherophobia, which you can stream in full below:

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