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Recycle Culture makes good use of his name. The electronica producer is fond of recycling/re-using samples from various worlds of electronic music, from intimate field recordings to electro-based infusions of smoky soul/jazz hybrids and house rhythms. This results in a sensually thrilling sound, particularly on new track “Hearts Over Clubs”, a stunner that resembles a late-night ride through a futuristic city that buzzes with people, but not without corners of serenity where lonely saxophones and the inaudible conversations of strangers provide a sense of comfort within a crowded metropolis.

The distant saxophones and serene synth pads on “Hearts Over Clubs” are highly reminiscent of Destroyer’s Kaputt, specifically his stunning b-side “The Laziest River“. It’s a very complementary comparison, since I consider Kaputt to be one of the better-produced records of the past few years. Of course, the Destroyer comparisons only last slightly longer than a minute on “Hearts Over Clubs”. Once the intro subsides, Recycle Culture emulates the transition from a lulled lounge into crowded city streets; handclap percussion and various active conversation samples form a slightly hectic backing over twinkling keys and somber brass, which show hints of avant-garde flair. At this point, Recycle Culture is creating a sound entirely of his own. I can’t wait to see which world Recycle Culture transports listeners to next.

If you enjoy “Hearts Over Clubs”, you’ll be happy to find out that Recycle Culture has several releases available on Bandcamp. Some highlights are below, both reminiscent of Ryuichi Sakamoto’s film scores with their ethereal piano-led beauty:

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