Two Bottle Jump – “Is This What They Mean?”

Two Bottle Jump

Two Bottle Jump are a raw yet talented rock group out of London, whose ferocious sound is an amalgamation of Wire’s concise post-punk, Franz Ferdinand’s stylish indie-rock, and various extractions from the heyday of Brit-pop and alt-rock. Their only track out at the moment is a demo entitled “Is This What They Mean?”, but it’s more than enough to show off their chops. The first ten seconds shows that this isn’t a group afraid to get loud; various bass and guitar distortion build-ups culminate toward a series of delectably chunky riffs. These clear out around the 30-second mark, where passionate vocals alternate between suave proclamations of love/lust and menacing growls.

Two Bottle Jump describe their aim as creating music “with the sounds and sophistication of psychedelic bands, combined with the energy of rock and roll.” The band has played a plethora of gigs, but have just recently put their tunes into studio form. This may just be a “demo”, and the garage-rock feel may be too much for those who prefer superfluous production gloss, but anyone with a proper discernment of quality rock ‘n’ roll or psych-rock will likely be lining up to support these guys after hearing “Is This What They Mean?”, a thrilling effort that combines the modern-day garage-infused traits of Cloud Nothings and Franz Ferdinand with classic post-punkers in the vein of Wire.

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