Wouie – “Sydow”

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The two members in Stockholm-based duo Wouie¬†formed the project as a way to distract themselves from the cold Swedish winter. Considering their tracks are lively in a blissful, summer-y sense, it provides a useful distraction for everyone dealing with similarly brutal weather. Wouie cite influences everywhere from Tom Petty (as can be heard on anthemic “A Fire Inside”) to electronic whiz Phillippe Zdar (Cassius). The Swedish act’s sound is fresh and engaging, capable of churning out fresh ’80s-inspired rock-pop hooks with bursts of synthesizers (Ford & Lopatin come to mind) within a solidly exhilarating indie-rock base reminiscent of hook-y groups like Hilotrons and Two Door Cinema Club.

Now that winter is ending, hopefully the strategic distraction continues into the spring, summer, autumn and beyond. Wouie currently have four tracks available on their Soundcloud, all equally engaging with slight stylistic differences. The two newest efforts – “Unfold” and “Haunting Feeling” – are brisk examples of how the duo employs whirring synth arpeggios and buzzy pads over tasty guitar licks. They’re the best produced Wouie tracks to date, but I think “Sydow” is my favorite. It’s the most immediate of the bunch, quickly launching into a guitar-synth pattern of irresistibly contagious ilk. Then there’s a big, spacious chorus that blends together the electro and indie-rock elements of Wouie’s sound to perfection. Just take a listen; it’ll be very difficult to dislike.

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