Basic Tape – “Third Light”

Basic Tape music

French electronic duo Basic Tape brilliantly capture a lush, springtime-y feel on standout track “Third Light”. Tranquil synth flutters and gentle songbird chirps comprise the beginning, before energetic handclap-led percussion signals the entry of the wiggly lead synth. Basic Tape play around with this lead throughout, with various tonal and melodic fluctuations occurring over a backdrop of synth pad-studded dance-pop that touts a swelling orchestral feel. A chiming arpeggio sits sturdily at the track’s backbone in most sections, as the squiggly lead practically serves as the robot vocals in an effort that stuns in several places.

Another one of their tracks, “Horizon”, is certainly kin to “Third Light”, with a similar lead and assortment of swelling synth pads that capture an even more energetic form of Basic Tape’s sound. A bit more off the beaten path, “Blank” incorporates infectious vocal samples over an aquatic-sounding assortment of playful synths. These three tracks show Basic Tape as an electro duo with huge potential. Their low-key presence appears poised to change soon.

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