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Baywaves – “Dreaming”

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“Dreaming” is the first single off Baywaves’ debut EP. I suppose we can get the Tame Impala comparisons out of the way first; it’s pretty surreal how the rhythm section, in particularly the gliding bass lines, remind of great Tame Impala efforts like “Endors Toi”. While that hypnotic psych-rock sound is certainly present, there are several elements within Baywaves’ sound that make them stand out — regardless of if this was their first single (it is) or their one-hundredth. Baywaves employ serene soundscapes prior to their psych-rock and organ-laden expansion. The first moments of “Dreaming” is more reminiscent of Washed Out’s recent forays into more organic instrumentation, and that beautiful ethereal vibe returns at 01:45, when bird chirps, gentle acoustic strums, and a weightless synth pad provide the perfect interlude to the pulsing psych-rock energy.

Baywaves clearly have heaps of potential, so it’s exciting to think what else they may have in store for 2014.


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