The Jinxes – “We Create”


On most of their tracks, The Jinxes craft sugary indie-pop with twinkling keys, tugging strings, and soaring male-female harmonies. All of this has been accomplished before in a stylistic sense, but The Jinxes have a specific talent for hook-y build-ups, as can be heard in “Can You Hear It Ring?”, one of several highlights off the duo’s EP, We Create. On this track, the vocals of Deanna Ross and Kevin Smith provide a lush accompaniment to an arrangement that begins with a lush stirring of orchestral flourishes, before thrusting into an intensified build-up marked by a thunderous bass line and Smith’s mounting vocals. The chorus, with its clamoring percussion and anthemic roar, is well worth the wait.

The Jinxes are based out of beautiful Monterey Bay, so it’s probably not hard to find inspiration for their sunny-day melodies. You can stream their We Create EP in full below. It also features more sentimental, slower-paced highlights like the twangy, Eagles-esque self-titled track. This is one of The Jinxes’ more subdued tracks at first, but its pleasing assortment of acoustical plucks, twangy country guitars, and subtle strings make “We Create” my personal favorite off the EP. There are plenty of other memorable moments on the EP as well, so dig in below:

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