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Lazy Day – “With My Mind”

Lazy Day music

“With My Mind” is a stunning offering from Lazy Day, the solo project of Hella Better Dancer‘s Tilly Scantlebury. Just as her band tapped wonderfully into alternative-rock of the late ’80s and early ’90s, Tilly’s solo project satisfies with melodic nostalgia of that ilk. “With My Mind” is more subdued than Hella Better Dancer efforts like “Sleeptalking”, but it’s just as resoundingly effective. Tilly’s entrancing vocals weave around a crunchy rhythm section and a twangy high-pitched guitar lead, spread out in bursts and reminiscent of early Smashing Pumpkins in that sense. The wonderful chorus reveals itself after a minute or so, emitting a wonderfully ethereal combo of cascading guitar-led jangles that flow in beautiful accordance with Tilly’s dreamy vocals. This is one of the best pieces of rock ‘n’ roll I’ve heard all year. Hopefully Lazy Day releases a full-length or EP soon; this stuff is great.


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