The Lockhearts – “FREAKSHOW”

Energetic Australian rockers The Lockhearts blend the anthemic hard-rock of groups like Cheap Trick with a dash of contemporary glam. New single “FREAKSHOW” is an energetic tour-de-force that is ceaselessly pulsating, centered around a sing-along chorus that includes lines like “hey-ho we won’t go” and “wam-bam thank you ma’am.” You know, the type of lyrics that aren’t thought-provoking, but are easy as hell to sing along to. Throw in a dazzling guitar solo around the two-minute mark and a sputtering breakdown directly thereafter, and it’s clear that “FREAKSHOW” is a solid representation of an Australian rock group with a sound big enough to sell out stadiums in the near future.

The Lockhearts have already racked up tons of acclaim for their live performances, and even the video for “FREAKSHOW” shows that they are clearly a group of energetic and passionate young rockers.┬áThe Lockhearts formed in 2012, since taking their “don’t-bore-us-get-to-the-chorus” approach to locking down extended residencies and a growing cult following. I wouldn’t be surprised if these guys find similar success as The Darkness did with their debut album, which was also a solid piece of hard-rocking nostalgia. Either way, these Sydney natives clearly have what it takes to make waves in the rock scene.


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