Corsica Arts Club – “California I Follow”

Corsica Arts Club

Los Angeles duo Corsica Arts Club create a glistening vein of indie-rock with a melodic surf-pop bite. Whereas another excellent similarly-themed track featured recently – The Yetis’ “Warm California” – recalled vintage surf-pop in a very pure form, the surf influence within Corsica Arts Club’s sound seems more subtly intertwined. Perhaps it’s a credit to the duo’s other two primary influences in addition to The Beach Boys: David Bowie and Kraftwerk. Corsica Arts Club’s outstanding new track “California I Follow” shows this surf-pop/indie-rock hybrid well. Crunchy guitars drive an ascending rhythmic backbone, with nonchalantly reverbed vocals that intensify as the second guitar progression – a raucously distorted burst of glee – kicks in. The surf-y chorus – where the track’s title is repeated over warm and gauzy layers of mellow guitar waves – injects another hook on top of the already-infectious structure.

“California I Follow” certainly has summer hit potential. Enjoy it over your Memorial Day weekend.


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