Damian Wilde – “The Umbrella Co.”

damian willis

Based out of Capetown, Damian Wilde produces a minimalist yet affecting blend of acoustic and downtempo electronic sounds, with an R&B touch that compares to adoration expressed by artists like The Weeknd and Portishead. On several of his tracks, vocals and lyrical sentiments are at the forefront, highlighting aspects of human nature like narcissism and self-awareness “I wanna be famous, I want lots of money, I wanna be charming, make sure you think I’m funny,” Wilde croons over a lively yet bare piano lead on lead single “Umbrella Co.”, his semi-tortured semi-melodic croon reminding somewhat of The Cure’s Robert Smith. The only thing accompanying his ardent vocals are sparse electronic reflections and pit-pattering percussion, but the track still resonates emotionally, as any track paying homage to Resident Evil should.

Wilde has been creating art for a decade now — started poetry at 10, was a musician by age 16, and now in his early 20s is putting out solid releases like the Nouveau Noir EP. Wilde handles all music and instruments himself, with production from Winston Moses. His sound is crisp and straightforwardly effective throughout all five tracks. As such, Nouveau Noir EP is a recommended listen. Check out the music video for “The Umbrella Co.” below.

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