The Delphines – “Careless”

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The Delphines remind me of a female-fronted Wire, putting out a punchy and concise punk/rock sound that’s easy to get caught up in. This Milwaukee-based quartet has a new album, Hush, coming out on May 27th, led by the single “Careless”. Combustible guitar and bass bursts reflective one another, resulting in a bouncy effect that aligns well with the minimalist percussion and fervent vocals. “I couldn’t care less, I couldn’t care less,” is repeated during a several-second break where only the vocals and percussion are at play, if only for a moment. The structure is reminiscent of efforts on Wire’s classic debut Pink Flag, with a nocturnal-like vibe accentuated in the final 30 seconds by a build-up of whirring and angular guitars — that part reminding me more of moodier tracks off Wire’s second album, Chairs Missing, like “French Film Blurred“.

The video for another highlight off Hush, “Screen Door”, can be viewed below. This one has a more post-punk feel to it. Hush is shaping up to be an impressive release from this Milwaukee-based four-piece, who conjure visions of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Love Is All in addition to the prominent Wire comparisons.

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