The Devine Xperience – “Completely in a Trance”


The Devine Xperience tout some lofty ambitions throughout their eponymous debut self-titled album. Their tracks touch on topics you certainly won’t find in mainstream electronica. Diving into underground politics, aliens, and “various other controversial and transcendental subjects and will elevate the listener to a higher state of consciousness,” The Devine Xperience certainly bring forth an idiosyncratic ambition that makes the duo of Robert Jaros and Vanessa Garic an entirely unique set of presenters. Their sounds are otherworldly, with dark synth progressions accompanied by a variety of vocal samples and whirring sci-fi effects that make The Devine Xperience sound like a soundtrack to some bizarre futuristic thriller starring both creepy aliens and backstabbing politicians, complete with electro-pop and dubstep influences.

The album’s second track, “Completely in a Trance”, attempts to hypnotize listeners with two leading components: a vocal sample that repeats “you will be completely in a trance”, and a driving hypno-beat led by static-y bass-synths, ominous otherworldly leads, and pit-pattering percussion. Similarly, “Alien Love Truth” successfully serves as a love song from another subterranean world, with more vigorous percussion and club-bound synths combining with distorted vocal effects to create a track that would probably be a hit at the Purgatory Bar in Mass Effect 3. In fact, the next Mass Effect game should use the sounds of The Devine Xperience to craft that creepy, otherworldly vibe. In that regard, the duo of Robert Jaros and Vanessa Garic  produce some very interesting, one-of-a-kind material.

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