Keith Alan Mitchell – “The Feud”

Keith Alan Mitchell

San Francisco-based singer/songwriter Keith Alan Mitchell crafts a personable blend of rock and indie-folk, touching on aspects of human nature that are easy to relate to — especially for fellow musicians. The basis of his new track “The Feud” revolves around the interesting creative partnership between fellow musicians, particularly how even the most talented and dedicated group can break up entirely after a falling-out. “The Feud” was written when a former band of Mitchell’s broke up after no one could see eye-to-eye.

On “The Feud”, twangy guitars and acoustic strums intermingle over Mitchell’s authoritative voice, which is endearingly strained with fluctuating pitch comparable to the vocal efforts of Neil Young or Jeff Tweedy. “We could talk this thing to death, but let’s not waste our breath,” he sings at one point, capturing the relatively futile attempts at mending an already-broken musician partnership. The track’s final minute, which features a twangy guitar solo over some clang-y piano progressions, is a great send-off.

“The Feud” is off Keith Alan Mitchell’s upcoming first album This Clumsy World, which will be released in mid-June and followed by shows in the Bay Area to promote the release. He cites influences such as Paul Westerberg, Tom Petty, and David Gray, all of which are apparent, but Mitchell is still capable of producing a sound entirely of his own. Stream the entirety of This Clumsy World below or purchase it on Bandcamp:

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