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Likers – “Kamikaze Hearts”

likers philadelphia

Philadelphia quartet Likers produces a fierce vein of power-pop with a lively punk-rock edge. Their 6-song debut, Men of Honor, is an exciting release that flaunts a stunner from the get-go. Opener “Kamikaze Hearts” is electrifying, with delicious guitar licks that flow perfectly over a very busy rhythm section. There are no synthesizers to be found, but the sleek production provides an enjoyably automated feel comparable to synth-rock/indie-rock hybrids, similar to the best Strokes tracks on their recent efforts. Some press have already called Likers’ sound “power-punk”, and I’m inclined to agree with that classification. Likers are creating some very fun material that shows new ideas in the power-pop and punk genres, an admirable feat in itself.

Stream Men of Honor in its entirety below, and buy it on Bandcamp:

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