Lovesick Saints – “Sick and Broken”

lovesick saints

Arizona-based rockers Lovesick Saints project a sound somewhere between Bad Religion’s punk-rock and The Mountain Goats’ nasally yet melodic narratives. In around three minutes, their track “Sick and Broken” shows how they exult more energy than most punk-rock hopefuls. Jarrod Olson’s bouncy bass line solidifies the track’s backbone, while a snarling guitar lead and crunchy rhythm section complement the energetic vocals of Tom Holliday. Capped off by the consistent drumming of Christian Howell, the infectious chorus is reminiscent of the fun type of punk music you’d find in the Tony Hawk video game series.

“Sick and Broken” is just one highlight off Lovesick Saints’ upcoming studio EP, Dia De Los Muertos, out June 19th. A music video for one of the album’s tracks, “War Story”, is below as well. These guys clearly make music ripe for stress-free summer fun, with a touch of nostalgia that hearkens back to a great era of alternative-punk.

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