MAYBEWISE – “No One Else”


On new track “No One Else”, electronic duo MAYBEWISE play with a contrasting assortment of twinkling ethereal synths and nocturnal deep-bass rhythms. The captivating production is led by a vocal sample saying “no one else” — which is utilized throughout via a wide variety of pitches and melodic alignments. The first 01:50 of the track is fairly straightforward, with pit-patter percussion and mellow keyboard touches combining over more subdued use of the vocal sample. Around the 01:50 mark, “No One Else” drops the beat — in a sense. Here, new percussion lunges forward over a brand-new collection of nocturnal synth-pad effects. The beautiful contrast between lightly ethereal and darkly menacing remains an engrossing aspect of the production throughout the track’s entirety.

“No One Else” is a highlight off the duo’s debut EP, Welcome to the Fishbowl, out May 31st on Bandcamp. This release has been in the works for some time, as MAYBEWISE themselves put it: “After 10 years of producing and an immense amount of time spent listening (and dancing) to various forms of underground bass music, this release marks the first bit of sound we’ve ever been willing to put our names on.” So far it sounds fantastic.

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