Miles Wick – “In My Town and Your Town Too”


Miles Wick stirs up haunting beauty within his music, often led by a caressing acoustic guitar — but with many other elements too, such as the playful mbira on the excellent “In My Town and Your Town Too”, a highlight off Wick’s upcoming album, So Much Love, out June 27th. Wick’s voice is reminiscent of My Morning Jacket’s Jim James softer material — warm and sonorous, with a laid-back twang. Cat Stevens comes to mind, as well. As far as the music goes, Wick’s ability as a songwriter seems very naturally asserted. Acoustic trickles and mbira droplets surround his vocals, which produce resounding imagery like “On watered streets sidewalks I walk, you walk too / Depositing frosty breath in new surroundings, but the moon is the same moon / I know now it’s glowing face.” It creates for a very beautiful track that should appeal to any fans of the indie-folk genre, where artists like Bill Callahan, Arthur Russell, and Damien Jurado come to mind.

Watch the video for the upcoming album’s self-titled track below, this one being quite reminiscent of Sun Kil Moon’s Mark Kozelek:

Photo Credit: Don Paris Schlotman

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