Nick Raven – “Nineteen Fifty Three”


“Nineteen Fifty Three”, the new single from New Zealand-based Nick Raven, combines glistening post-punk and nocturnal alternative-pop for an entrancing effect. The gentle guitar twangs and wispy synth-pad washes remind of Wild Nothing, while the deep yet active percussion and Raven’s up-front vocals provide unique points of accessibility. Although it doesn’t sound all that similar to it, the repeating guitar progression and its tone¬†throughout “Nineteen Fifty Three” – combined with a sort of captivating spaciness – remind me favorably of The Smashing Pumpkins’ “1979“. Wild Nothing crossed with “1979”? I’ll take it, easily. Raven’s clearly a very talented songwriter; I’m looking forward to whatever he comes out with next.


Mike Mineo

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