16 Knapper – “Zero Gravity”

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16 Knapper’s track “Zero Gravity” is nicely exemplary of the skills presented by the Norwegian instrumental hip-hop/electronic artist and producer, who has dug into music after several years living “the graffiti and skateboarding lifestyle.” Influenced by sample-infused hip-hoppers, as well as his dad’s record collection, the Bergen, Norway native and flexes his creative muscles throughout his debut full-length, Astral. Tracks like “Scream” tout an ’80s edge, with crystallized keys and a nocturne guitar arrangement serving as the primary arsenal over ardent female vocals. Meanwhile, the aforementioned “Zero Gravity” sounds like the soundtrack to a sci-fi epic set in space, which makes the title an apt one; ghostly synths, warbly keyboard touches, and swelling percussion help lead an oddly delicious melody. There are many bland hip-hop beat makers out there, but 16 Knapper is certainly not one of them. His debut album Astral takes listeners on many journeys, from the loneliness of space (“Zero Gravity”, “Time Machine”) to old-school hip-hop with an added ’80s-rock punch (“G.O.A.T.”). Stream Astral in full below:

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