The Age of the Universe – “Singularity”


Space-rock group The Age of the Universe deliver a thunderous sound that will delight fans of Muse, Dredg, Queens of the Stone Age and other emotive hard-rocking acts with a spacey edge. Their debut full-length, Singularity, showcases several highlights that interweave hard-rocking aesthetics with glimpses of metal and punk. Perhaps most impressively is, that in genres that often full victim to blandness or samey-sounding approaches, Singularity manages to pack 11 tracks that easily differentiate from one another. A straight rocker like “The Men on the Edge” rides on an anthemic chorus that repeats the track’s title, while the album’s self-titled effort showcases a glistening blend of reflective keys and gentle percussion that eventually evolves into a ferocious guitar-laden alt-rock thunder, reminiscent of Queens of the Stone Age — which is quite complementary.

While the self-titled track on Singularity is one of the more stylistically eclectic efforts on the album, even the straightforward rock bits – like “Believe” and “The Men on the Edge” – deliver enough infectiousness and production polish to keep things entertaining. While it is true that The Age of the Universe are not delivering a style unlike anything else heard before, they’re doing what they do quite well: delivering a spacey blend of alternative, rock, and metal that will satisfy fans of wildly successful groups like Muse and QotSA. The Age of the Universe appear to be on their way up. Stream Singularity below:

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