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Chains of Logic – “Age of Progress”


Chains of Logic is the project of Houston-based producer JSteev, who crafts a darkly intoxicating hybrid of swelling electronica and dubstep with a futuristic edge. Bleak vocal samples emit a futuristic optimism in a relatively creepy sense (think Brave New World) over stuttering synth warbles and bass-y vibrations. These elements permeate throughout Chains of Logic’s new album Age of Progress, which serves as an exploration “of the human condition in our rapidly changing times.” It was just released this month by Houston label DropForge Records in both physical and digital formats. Stream the album in full below.

The album’s self-titled track is a two-parter, with the first providing an accurate gist of the project’s sound. As emotionally void vocal samples deliver better-future sentiments, gargled synths intertwine in entertaining fashion. Dubstep-like vibrations collide with more ethereal drops of crystallized keys, adding another dimension to the oft-stale dubstep formula. The topic of futuristic transitioning is an evident one throughout Age of Progress, and it incorporates that topic in engaging form over an infectious electronica/dubstep hybrid. JSteev appears to be a producer with plenty of vision.

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