The Coquettes – “In Other Words”

the coquettes

The Chicago-based duo of Joe Cristo and Rob Volpendesta comprise The Coquettes, a jangly pop group whose hooks and delivery are polished enough to make the self-recorded title irrelevant. On excellent track “In Other Words”, their hypnotic and dreamy guitar jangle reminds of Real Estate, while the infectious thirty-second conclusion reminds of power-pop greats like Teenage Fanclub and The Replacements. The track contains moments of pop brilliance, much like Mac Demarco’s early material, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this duo begins to build some considerable buzz in similarly quick fashion. I think “In Other Words” is their best track, but their other two efforts from the “demo tape” – “Simeon Angel” and “Anna Golden” – are both solid as well. I’ll be paying attention to this talented duo for sure.

For added reference points, here are the two members’ top ten favorite albums. The good tastes come as no surprise:

1. More Songs About Buildings and Food- Talking Heads
2. High Land, Hard Rain- Aztec Camera
3. The Clash- The Clash
4. Modern Vampires of the City- Vampire Weekend
5. The Pretenders- The Pretenders
6. Let It Be- The Replacements
7. The New York Dolls- The New York Dolls
8. Entertainment!- Gang of Four
9. My Aim is True- Elvis Costello
10. Hatful of Hollow- The Smiths
*Wild Gift- X

1. The Velvet Underground- The Velvet Underground
2. Bringing it All Back Home- Bob Dylan
3. Let It Be- The Replacements
4. Blonde on Blonde- Bob Dylan
5. This Year’s Model/Imperial Bedroom- Elvis Costello
6. The Clash- The Clash
7. The Modern Lovers- The Modern Lovers
8. The New York Dolls- The New York Dolls
9. Psycho Candy- The Jesus and Mary Chain
10. #1 Record- Big Star


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