Eric Frisch – “Pretty Girls”

Eric Frisch

Eric Frisch has a sound that’s easy to love. It’s wrapped in nostalgia that often provides warming memories — care-free summer vacations, new love, sunny days — as is relatively typical of homages to ’50s/’60s pop in the surf-rock and AM-radio vein. The NYC-based singer/songwriter blends all these styles into a very inviting sound, as epitomized in the catchy “Pretty Girls”, who Frisch sees walking all the time down the street in NYC, yet he can’t say a word to them. Reclusive self-doubting obscured under lavishing and infectious arrangements isn’t anything new for the likes of Brian Wilson, but for a relatively new-comer like Frisch it’s a breeze of fresh air.

“Pretty Girls” and several other similarly-pleasing successes can be found on Frisch’s new album Goodbye Birdcage, which came out in April. The album’s nine tracks are ideal for summertime listening, too. It’s a fairly carefree album whose youthful humor is encapsulated in the video for “Pretty Girls” below. Grab the album now at Bandcamp.

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