False Colors – “Operator”

False Colors

False Colors’ ability to create stunning atmospheres reminiscent of outer space, and the contrasting combination of serenity and anxiety it provokes, reminds me of Fennesz’ work (see: “Pallas Athene“). For any artist dabbling in atmospheric works of electronica, I think it’s a very favorable comparison to have. False Colors are a duo from Nashville comprised of Matt Suitt and Ardis Redford. Rather than pursuing more stereotypical Nashville musical endeavors, they have created a hypnotic vein of electronica influenced by American psychedelia, Detroit techno, and classic movie soundtracks. Although they have been making music together for several years, their upcoming LP – Vanishing Ink – is technically their first release.

Out on July 20th, Vanishing Ink offers up efforts like “Operator”, a smooth-riding and glistening piece of spacey electronica where gentle keys combine with whirring synth arpeggios, swaying synth pads, and consistent percussion reminiscent of Krautrock. The arpeggios provide a sense of hectic-ness — as if fit for an intergalactic spaceship race across several galaxies. Other highlights include the infectious “Noccalula Falls”, which has a bit of an Afro-pop vibe with its clanky Donkey Kong-like percussion, and “Black Card”, a wonderfully gauzy electro-pop/psychedelia hybrid. The infectious “Behind Yr Face” shows off the duo’s sampling abilities, as well. Vanishing Ink has plenty of bright moments, so be sure to grab it on Bandcamp upon its July 20th release.

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