My Friend Samuel – “Our Anthem (Illusions in Iramoo)”

My Friend Samuel

“Our Anthem (Illusions in Iramoo)” is an ode to a lost tribe. With that in mind, the tribal percussion, nature sounds, and pulsating bass throughout the track makes it sound like it was recorded in the middle of a jungle, with a very well-synchronized campfire dance as the performers. The track’s chief creator, Sam Spiers, makes music under the name My Friend Samuel. On this numbing and hypnotic effort, Jaclyn Eddy helps Sam with backing vocal duties, while Ellen Butler contributes the chirpy “monkey talk.”  Spiers’ debut EP, Conversations Without Words, is a collection of sounds from the past few years, written between Melbourne and Berlin. Spiers notes that it was inspired by the outdoors, which is easy to hear. His ability to concoct eerie and somewhat unsettling, but overall invigorating, atmospheres – particularly those involving jungle or dystopia-set sounds – is reminiscent of both Aphex Twin and The Knife, who have their own brands of wonderful atmospheric creepiness.

Stream the rest of this creative EP below:

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