The Lost Poets – “Ode to K”

The Lost Poets

Swedish rockers The Lost Poets deliver a dark mold of alternative-rock that reminds of acts like A Perfect Circle, Queens of the Stone Age, and Nick Cave. Compared to other dark alt-rockers, The Lost Poets opt to place the vocals front and center in the production, resulting in less shrouded mystery but more resounding emotion. Such is the case on “Ode to K”, the lead single off their new album Insubordia. Vocalist/guitarist David Rosengren says the track “was one of those songs that just came out of nowhere.” He continues: “It’s essentially about a man selling his soul to the devil and how his life was before and after he died. It’s also an homage to the love of his life for trying to help him. It’s all very suggestive and the inspiration, as always, comes from my own life in a twisted sort of way.”

“Ode to K” builds up for nearly three minutes before it thunderous conclusion, where intense percussive clanging and anthemic guitars combine with fired-up vocals, which before the conclusion are relatively reserved in delivery — as is aptly the case considering the emphasis on one being defeated by life despite the aid surrounding him. It’s very clear, from the performance alone, that The Lost Poets are producing songs and lyrics with a personal edge. It helps that “Ode to K” is an infectious effort too, especially in its final minute. Stream the rest of Insubordia below:

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