Raelism – “Becoming Conscious”

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Raelism is the musical alias of Max Rael, known for his involvement with black metal group The Meads of Asphodel. Rael has touched on several electronic-leaning styles throughout various projects, as well, ranging from the industrial electronic ambience of Xykogen and punk/goth/electro hybrid of History of Guns to synth-pop with SPUCKTUTE. His Raelism project emphasizes catchy beats and melodies more so than Xykogen, but the stylistic approach is similar, since industrial electronic sounds are at the forefront. On the lively track “Becoming Conscious”, a clanging synth leads alongside a swelling rhythm section. A warbly bass effect then rides with just the automated percussion, until a series of playful loopy synths emerge to break things up a bit. The final minute, a majestic-sounding combination of chirpy synths, caps things off in nicely melodic form.

“Becoming Conscious” is both intense and playful, easily drawing listeners of the industrial electronica ilk in easily. Much of the same quality can be found throughout Raelism’s new EP Freedom Within the Prison, which can be streamed in full below:

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