Triangle and Seed – “Gates Gully”

Triangle and Seed

Triangle and Seed are an experimental/R&B collective based in Toronto and Dublin. They recently released two new tracks, “Stay for Love” and “Gates Gully”, embodying mellow R&B with minimalist instrumentation. On the brooding “Stay for Love”, the arsenal is simply a barren piano, singular percussion, and high-pitched vocal samples — in addition to occasional washes of synth and soulfully nocturnal vocals, similar to Tom Krell and James Blake. Some over-encompassing spacial bass effects occurs during a 40-second interlude toward the conclusion, one example of how this two-minute captivator has plenty to show off in its concisely minimalist delivery.

Meanwhile, “Gates Gully” features a darker atmosphere, while still delivering an eerily moody blend of R&B and synth-led avant-garde pop. It’s a clear demonstration that the collective is not limited to two-minute R&B trips. “Gates Gully” is an intensely emotional, richly atmospheric stunner that brings to mind Krell and Blake, in addition to moody classics like Scott Walker, Portishead, and Massive Attack. The key-laden outro is awesome, too. Triangle and Seed have a very engaging sound with plenty of atmospheric chops; they’re a group with extreme potential.

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