Clocks & Clouds – “Audeamus”


Minneapolis trio Clocks & Clouds produce a unique meshing of traditional classical beauty and reverberating post-rock. The first listen to “Audeamus” makes comparisons to energetic classical-driven groups like World’s End Girlfriend or Trans-Siberian Orchestra evident, especially when the more rock-forward percussion nicely complements the anxious strings. As the opening track off their new release, The Creation of Matter EP, it’s an empowering introduction to the trio, which consists of Stephanie Shogren (violin), Lucas Shogren (cello), and Derek Powers (drums). The next track, “Pierce the Night”, sounds like an intense violin duel; various layers of strings serve as the track’s focus, over relatively subdued backing percussion. If you want to hearing some theatrical strings, this one is for you.

Another highlight, “Libertango”, has a unique shuffling Latin flair to it. More contemplative than the majority of tracks on the EP, the slower pace of “Libertango” serves as an accessible example of Clocks & Clouds’ engaging songwriting, which blends character with classical-minded virtuosity. Stream the entirety of their new EP below, in addition to the video for “Audeamus”:

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