Shawondasee – “Gems of Pure Light”


The Parisian duo of Shawondasee flex an anthemic electro-pop sound on new track “Gems of Pure Light”, a newly released effort that recalls the exhilaration of stylistically comparable track “Midnight City” by M83. Whereas that track used a hook-y chirpy resonance throughout, “Gems of Pure Light” is led by a range-fluctuating vocal sample that glides melodically over glistening synth arpeggios, tribal rhythmic enthrallment, and spacey adornments. It’s a very well-produced piece of pulsating electro-pop, brimming with lively instrumental choices and a strong vocal-laden hook.

The equally interesting “Space is the Only Place” is another highlight from the duo; this one is more in the vein of a ballad, with acoustic trickles, somber vocal additions, and squiggly MGMT-like synths that aid to flashes of psychedelic-laden production. “Space is the only place where he feels safe / The only place where he won’t see your face,” is a nice, biting line that deepens the chorus, as well. In addition to being very melodically pleasing, “Space is the Only Place” shows the band’s eclectic reach, which extends from radio-friendly infectiousness to solid ballads; it’s something that makes their future look even brighter, especially since the two members – Jim Calamel and P.O.G. – already have a slew of quality tracks to their name, like P.O.G.’s “Moody” (below):

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