Blue Plutos – “Shadow Chateau”

Blue Plutos

With new track “Shadow Chateau”, NYC/Boston-based group Blue Plutos have produced a tripped-out slice of indie-rock elegance. The effort touts a twangy deepness and warm reverb reminiscent of both ghostly jangle-pop (The Go-Betweens’ “Someone Else’s Wife“) and otherworldly post-punk (Wire’s “French Film Blurred“). Like these classics, the atmosphere throughout “Shadow Chateau” is wonderfully heavy, with a nonchalantly melodic vocal melody that croons through effervescent guitar jangles and floating synth touches. The track is my personal favorite off Blue Plutos’ new album Dennett St., a six-track release that follows 2012 full-length Parcells’ Beauty Shoppe. Stream the entirety of Dennett St. below (or buy it at a name-your-own-price rate on Bandcamp) for more of the same atmospheric jangle-rock/post-punk goodness:

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