Nehedar – “Don’t Look”


Fans of powerful female singer-songwriters like Fiona Apple and St. Vincent are likely to enjoy NYC-based artist Nehedar, who produces a sound deriving from intense pop, rock, and folk. Although that mixture of genres could output practically anything, fans of Nehedar point to her darkly invigorating lyrical content and experimental blend of styles for why she’s quick on the rise. Her fanbase is very enthusiastic, too, helping crowd fund her new album The Warming House, which she recorded in Brooklyn with producer Little Pioneer (Craig Levy). The album, her seventh, “ranges from down-home fiddling to majestic horn parts to electronic beats, from angry punk to upbeat pop to sad folk to playful country tunes to feminist anthems.”

Off The Warming House, a nice example of Nehedar’s stylistic reach and melodic yet idiosyncratic approach is on highlight “Don’t Look”, where her full-of-swagger delivery – with the occasional chuckle and vocal stretches – flows freely over an infectious melody led by brass bursts and crunchy guitars. “I’ve never been in trouble before,” she starts during the ensuing chorus, which is clearer in its production than the more intense yet clouded verses. It’s a nice production choice that helps distinguish the hooks in both sections. There’s plenty of stylistic flair and passion here from the veteran singer-songwriter; stream the album in full below:

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