2Pac – “Dear Mama” (Boehm Remix)


The heavy bass drum and key trickles on Boehm’s remix of 2Pac’s “Dear Mama” quickly establish a delightfully tropical feel. The intro is excellent, alluring and quite different from the original’s smooth finishes — just as a quality remix should be. The primary beat is reminiscent of Swedish pop groups like Air France and The Tough Alliance, who always sound like they’re floating on a tropical-colored cloud, and the swirling club-laden pulsations from Unicorn Kid. On this entertaining remix, the club-based percussive beats that start around 0:40 mark the beginning of an extremely well-executed meshing of these tropical vibes and club stomps with 2Pac’s classic “Dear Mama” delivery. “Dear Mama” is a classic in its own right, and this remix breathes new life into it. If you’re like me and have played “Dear Mama” quite a bit throughout your life, it’s really cool to hear a new stylistic injection with the song’s classic elements in mind. Alex Craciunc, AKA Boehm, is clearly a very talented producer capable of turning wonderful familiarity into fresh-sounding innovation.


Mike Mineo

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