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Fans of post-hardcore greats like Fugazi and Shellac – or more recent hard-rockers like Russian Circles and Iceage – may perceive Ghost Note Manifest, the new EP from Houston-based rocker aCr, as a reminder of past greatness. The post-hardcore scene is not presently a thriving one, but acts like aCr are delivering the ingenuity and passion the scene needs. aCr is the alias of Liquid Casing guitarist/vocalist Alvaro Che Rodriguez, who wrote, produced, and performed the three-track EP with help from Ryan Jimenez and Jason Sherman.

EP opener “The Mechanical Motion Of Dying Stars”, is a blast of distorted energy that features Rodriguez’ emotive vocals. The track rides on non-stop energy, apart from a beautiful 40-second interlude that starts around 01:30 and prepares listeners for the emotion-packed second half. Structurally, it’s similar to groups like A Perfect Circle, masters of the start/stop structural maneuvering in harder-leaning rock. The second track, “Turnstile Intervention”, begins more quaintly until a delectable combination of rhythmic guitar backing and a haunting twangy lead carries the load. The lack of vocals is a good production choice, considering the guitars are fierce enough to overpower any vocal attempt.

Stream the rest of the EP below:

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