American Wolf – “Evil Eyed”

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Chicago-based dream-pop group American Wolf combine guitar-based serene atmospherics with bits of dexterous math-rock to create a wholly invigorating sound, which can be described as dream-pop that moves faster and more fluidly than most. “Evil Eyed”, a stunner off the group’s third album My Main Sport, showcases this well. Gentle guitar trickles comprise the beginning moments, before a soaring lead and rollicking percussion assembles a bridge that leads into beautifully androgynous vocals. There’s a sharp contrast between the clamoring chorus/bridge and the more understated beauty of the verses, which is fully taken advantage of in the crisp-clear production maneuvers. Meanwhile, the final minute provides a striking stylistic shift into a more tribal-like, anthemic vocal delivery and accompanying stirring climactic peaks. Take “Evil Eye” for a full spin or two, and you’ll very likely feel urged to listen to the rest of My Main Sport, which can be streamed below and purchased on Bandcamp:

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