American Wrestlers – “I Can Do No Wrong”

American Wrestlers

American Wrestlers is a brand new group from somewhere vague in the US. Recently, they put their ideas to 8-track cassette. The result is the jangly goodness of “I Can Do No Wrong”, a track that shows the completely unknown group very capable of quaint yet infectious jangle-pop. Similar to Ariel Pink’s first few albums, quality songwriting and vibrant playing makes the lo-fi production here a bit of an afterthought; the melody is strong enough to reverberate memorably in hi-fi, lo-fi, or whatever. The chorus is slick in its maneuvering, led by a twangy assortment of dreamy slow-strung chords and quick arpeggios. The vocals have a Tom Verlaine nonchalance to them, but the tone is more in line with Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor or Field Music’s Brewis brothers — somewhat high-pitched with a youthful enthusiasm that helps in the transition between quaint verses (02:30) and choruses of twangy goodness (02:57).

“I Can Do No Wrong” is one of several highlights off American Wrestlers’ debut release, AW, which can be streamed in full below and downloaded for free on Bandcamp:

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